About Us


We are a progressive school and encourage
creative learning: image-5

  • We offer dynamic and differentiated learning opportunities.
  • Schoolhouse children get hands-on learning inspired by their own curiosities and appropriate to their learning styles.
  • Classroom inquiries are paired with experiences within our 28-acre campus of wetlands and fields, environmental and sustainability education through our partnership with Bread and Butter Farm, and with field trips throughout the year.

Combining classroom study shaped by year-long scientific and cultural themes, and in-the-field research paired with environmental education, we allow students to choose their areas of interest and to go as far, deep, and wide as their imagination will take them. Rather than asking our students for answers, we celebrate their questions. Rather than giving tests, we provide problem solving opportunities.

Commitment to Social and Emotional Development

Our core concepts of trust, sharing, responsibility, respect and belonging are embraced by our community of parents, teachers, and students, and we practice what we preach:

  • HsoTuAjiUvtFZU_egREQhJ82u7Zrn7g6C2DamLe2NECOYFMz6qmvEB044qza_IVtF_3T5BeT1Fr_p93ETGysYAyHqXiuyl2XZ3KjCt5YWGiU6A7sKtJpjQWQ1Pn0sDbVWasDBeaR5gdU6AstOciTeGZaCSgDMl-nkTZCqh0f1o48m_FIFlCxhy7NNI-0qHdahadGorUHKnIJnuXU6-yJP5QSUaSaOAt The Schoolhouse, there is minimal separation between home and school. Parents and other family members are invited to be a part of Schoolhouse programs and are a vital part of the community.
  • Teachers model social skills every day and communicate with parents throughout the year with class letters, blogs, and informal conversations.
  • Students come to embody our core concepts through multi-age groupings in classrooms, short courses, and job partners. Children understand this is their
    place to be valued and can feel safe because
    they see their parents spending time there.

Our community grows from experiencing our core concepts at the youngest age group on up through the adults who contribute to life at The Schoolhouse. Faculty and staff teach and model our core values every day, and all members of the community are invited to intentionally acknowledge and commend one another for embodying these concepts.


The Schoolhouse is a consciously diverse community which values mutual respect, cooperation, self-reliance, and resourcefulness. The school’s commitment to multiculturalism and diversity in all its forms may be seen in the wide variety of parents, students and teachers who make up The Schoolhouse community. It is also reflected in the ways children learn, how decisions are made, and how conflicts are resolved.

There are many events and opportunities that bring our community together:

  • Fundraisers – Fall Fundraiser, Mother’s Day Brunch Bags
  • Opening and Closing Days
  • Science, Culture, and Art Displays
  • Kwanzaa Ceremony
  • School Play
  • Community Meetings
  • Social Events
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Job Partners—older and younger students working together to care for the school, solve problems, and organize our displays
  • Commitment to family involvement, including at Board of Trustees level