Family Involvement

The Schoolhouse welcomes the participation of family members in all aspects of the life of the school. Parents are invited to stay for morning circle, join in the birthday song, chaperone field trips, serve on the board of directors, teach short courses, and generally lend skills that they would like to share.

The entire community—children, teachers and parents—is enriched through these shared experiences, and we benefit from the contributions and expertise of each member of our community.

At The Schoolhouse, there is minimal separation between home and school. Teachers communicate with parents virtually every day through class letters, blogs, and informal conversations. Students understand this is their place to be valued and can feel safe because they see their parents spending time here. Our community grows from experiencing our core concepts at the youngest age group on up through the adults who contribute to life at Schoolhouse. Children come to embody our core concepts through multi-age groupings in classrooms, short courses, and job partners. Teachers model social skills every day; our intentional modeling values each child and strengthens our community.

Students are encouraged and supported in developing age-appropriate and sophisticated ways of working together and being a part of a broader community, whether through formal pairings of younger and older students as job partners, older students’ leading the school in setting up a display or going out into the world as a class or a school and taking in new experiences together.

Students are expected to work out problems with one another, with the support and guidance of their teachers and peers. The use of the phrase “Stop I Really Mean it” is an approach to addressing conflict between students which asks each student to clearly explain when something is bothering them (physically or emotionally) and requests another student to stop the behavior. Teachers place great value in working with students to work out their conflicts and to understand their role as members of the broader community.

The Schoolhouse invites parents to participate in the life of the school and in their children’s education. Parents are welcome in the classrooms and are active in the school’s operations including serving on the Board of Directors and other committees, fundraising, teaching Short Courses and organizing events. Short Courses typically run in five-week segments throughout the year, for an hour each week.

Community Meetings are throughout the year. This is an opportunity for parents to meet together and socialize as well as to get information and give input about the school.