Mission & Philosophy

The Schoolhouse nurtures each child’s natural love of learning and helps each child assume responsibility for learning and proceed at her/his own pace. Our goal is to lead children to discover the rewards found in the process of active inquiry and in respectful, cooperative work with others. We encourage independence of mind, self-reliance and resourcefulness, and we seek to support respectful awareness of self, community and the environment.

Our educational philosophy and values are founded upon five core concepts: Trust, Sharing, Responsibility, Respect and Belonging.

We are committed to the following educational values:

  • Academic excellence for each child
  • Respect for each child’s individual learning style
  • Joy in learning
  • Active inquiry
  • Skills mastery
  • Aesthetic expression
  • Diversity and cultural awareness
  • Self-direction and self-regulation of each child’s learning
  • Development of problem-solving and leadership skills
  • Cooperative and collaborative learning