Short Courses

Short courses generally meet twice a week (Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings) for an hour and are taught by parents and teachers. The purpose of short courses is to provide children with exposure to a wide array of subjects and/or support long-term projects taking place in the school, such as the school play. They provide children with access to diverse resources and a larger community of caring adults. Short courses also afford parents the opportunity to get to know their children’s schoolmates better.

Examples of short courses from past years include the following: The Physics of Cooking, Fairy House Building, Creative Dance, Mexican Murals, Local Science and Botany, The Human Body, Yoga, Stop Motion Animation, and Pop Up Designs.

Parents have an option of teaching a short course (or more!) that meets once a week for a five-week session. Parents can teach individually or share courses. Schoolhouse alumni have also returned to share their expertise with students by teaching short courses. Teachers are available to provide guidance to parents about successful short course strategies.