(2-4 year olds)

In addition to classic pre-school activities (story time, crafts, imaginary play and music), Story Time at The Schoolhouse stands apart from other childcare settings in several ways:

  • At least 2 hours a day (often 4-6) outside in structured and unstructured physical activities
  • Structured and unstructured physical activities in the gym (yoga, dance, ball games, rock climbing)
  • Explorations at the farm and forest at Bread and Butter Farm (our closest farm neighbor)
  • Organic garden—preparing, planting and harvesting
  • Vegetarian, organic school lunch option (extra fee applies)
  • Frequent field trips to area museums, libraries and farms

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5 days a week, 7:45 am-5:30 pm. Flexible scheduling with half-day and full-time options. The Schoolhouse accepts childcare subsidy and is eligible to receive Act 166 funds for eligible 3 and 4 year olds.

For more information or to set up a time to visit, contact us at .

Download the Schoolhouse Parent Handbook (see Preschool section).