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Involvement. Connections. Celebrations.

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All-School Celebrations
A Community for All


At The Schoolhouse, there is minimal separation between home and school, or even sometimes between one multi-age classroom and another. Teachers and staff welcome the participation of adult family members in all aspects of life at the school. Grown-ups are often at morning circle and in the classrooms. They’re active in the school’s operations, everything from serving on the Board of Directors and other committees to weeding in the gardens or spreading wood chips on the playgrounds. They fundraise, teach Short Courses, organize events, chaperone field trips, and generally lend any of their unique life skills that they would like to share.

Family - Teacher Connections

Teachers communicate with families through weekly class letters, blogs, and informal conversations. Some days your phone might chime with a surprise photo, snapped during the day! Teachers are also available during drop-off and pick-up times, for a brief check-in or a quick conversation. Each semester, teachers and families schedule formal meetings to review academic progress and social/emotional growth. Teachers also provide detailed written assessments during the fall and spring. 

Family Commitments

As part of our enrollment contracts in all programs, we ask adults to contribute a minimal number of “work” hours, with myriad choices for helping out – as many choices as there are skills within the community. The time that families contribute helps keep our tuition costs more affordable, but most importantly it is an incredible opportunity to connect with one another and build community. Families get to know each other, our teachers, our campus, and the farm. The entire community is enriched through these shared experiences. As the saying goes, “it takes a village,” and children thrive in this expanded village throughout their time at The Schoolhouse.

Celebrations and Annual Events


The Schoolhouse has many celebrations and special events throughout the year.


  • Opening Picnic (all programs)

  • Halloween Party (elementary/middle)

  • Classroom potlucks 

  • Harvest Meal (all programs)

  • Kwanzaa Display and Ceremony (elementary/middle)

  • Season of Light Celebration (preschool)

  • School Play (all programs)

  • Zeta Owls Tag Sale (all programs)

  • Extended Family and Special Friends Day (elementary/middle)

  • Annual Meeting and Community Dinner 

  • End of Year Picnic and Talent Show (all programs)

  • Field Day (elementary/middle)

  • Middle School Graduation

  • Elementary and Middle School Closing Ceremony

  • Story Time End of Year Celebration

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