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Diversity. Authenticity. Creativity.

Diversity in All Its Forms


The Schoolhouse is a consciously diverse community which values mutual respect, cooperation, self-reliance, and resourcefulness. The school’s commitment to diversity in all its forms may be seen in the wide variety of families, students, and teachers who make up The Schoolhouse community. It is also reflected in the ways children learn, how decisions are made, and how conflicts are resolved.

The Schoolhouse Difference


The Schoolhouse is a progressive school that employs blended teaching and learning strategies adapted from many different educational philosophies. We strive for joyful, transformative learning that cultivates students' natural curiosity, critical thinking skills, and compassion for others. Our teachers respect children’s individual differences, nurture their capacity for growth, and are committed to authenticity in the activities that shape their learning. Planning Time, a teaching format unique to Schoolhouse, gives our elementary and middle school students agency and ownership over their education. The play- and nature-based programming in our Story Time Preschool gives preschoolers the same freedom and empowerment.

Throughout their time at Schoolhouse, students explore how identity, and social and environmental justice, shape our world and connect the many areas of learning – from the sheer delight of a preschool forest adventure to the nuances of a middle school project.


Children learn through an integrated curriculum across subjects, inspired by their own curiosities and differentiated to meet their learning styles. Within the broader curriculum, our students can choose their own areas of interest and go as far, deep, and wide as their imaginations will take them. Rather than asking for answers, we celebrate children's questions. Rather than giving tests, we provide problem-solving opportunities and "Ah-ha!" moments of connection.

Their inquiries are further enriched with experiences on our 28-acre campus, through environmental science and sustainability education, and during field trips throughout the year.

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