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Supporting. Strengthening.
Spreading Good Cheer.

Why We Fundraise

Like most non-profit schools, Schoolhouse tuition only covers about 80% of the total educational cost. As part of our commitment to economic diversity, more than a quarter of our families also qualify for a reduced tuition. We fundraise to close the gap between the tuition we charge and the true cost of a Schoolhouse education.

Funding Sources

Our three main sources of funding outside of tuition are: grants, the Spring Brunch Bag fundraiser, and the Annual Appeal fundraiser. Enrolled families participate in the Brunch Bag fundraiser, and all community members – including current families, teachers, alumni, and friends of The Schoolhouse – are asked to donate to the Annual Appeal. Because of our community-based approach, all funds raised directly support our unique and accessible programming and grow our scholarship fund; no monies go to pay outside fundraising assistance organizations.


Outside grants allow us to enrich our programming, update the facility, or accomplish “extra” things not necessarily included in the budget from year to year. When applying for grants, potential grantors want to know that our community is strongly invested in our success. Donating to the Annual Appeal – at any level, appropriate to your means and circumstances – not only supports our programming and our mission, it assures grantors of our strength and may even influence the number and size of grants we receive. We're always grateful for your support, and every donation matters.

Spring Brunch Bags

On Mother's Day each year, Schoolhouse families assemble and hand-deliver beautiful bags filled with delicious, locally crafted treats. The contents of the bags vary from year to year but generally include locally baked goods; local cheeses, jams and chocolates; a long-stemmed rose; and a personal note from the giver to the recipient. People look forward to buying Brunch Bags for their friends and loved ones. The smiles that greet us at every door tell us people look forward to getting them, too!

Learn more about our Brunch Bags here.​

The Annual Appeal

The Schoolhouse Annual Appeal is a direct giving campaign and is our largest fundraiser of the year. The best education requires commitment, vision, and the money to make it happen, so we take our fundraising as seriously as our mission. Contributions to the Annual Appeal support our ability to provide an excellent learning experience for our students.

Read our Annual Appeal letter here.

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