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Student Gallery

Click to enlarge each photo and read Piper's captions.

Piper Hard, Schoolhouse Photo Journal, Spring 2022

Hello! My name is Piper and I am currently a 7th grade student at the Schoolhouse Learning Center.  Welcome to the Schoolhouse Photo Journal. 

Why I started this project: I started this project because I wanted parents and guardians to be able to see what their kids were up to. (When I started the Schoolhouse Photo Journal, the pandemic made it difficult for parents to drop in on a school day.) I also wanted students to be able to look back on their younger selves and their memories of fun times at the Schoolhouse.The photos you see here are mostly of kids playing, because that produced some of the most interesting action shots. 

What I did: I took the photos with my personal iPad, between the 3rd of January and the 13th of January. I edited them with the rudimentary editing tool built into my iPad, cropping them and applying filters. I did some of the same actions later with the editing tool built into Google Photos.  


Credits: I teamed up with the phenomenal Jen Albers for this project. She met with me to give me advice, give me goals, and to put the photos on the website. I am eternally grateful for her help. 

My awesome Project Based Learning teacher Dan Erickson’s class was the reason I had an opportunity to do this project. He gave me a lot of advice. My parents allowed me to bring my iPad into school. The teachers replied swiftly to my emails asking what their class hours were. 

The students featured in these photographs were the perfect subjects. 


Thank you to everyone who made this project possible.

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