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Elementary/Middle School Admissions

Admissions Process


Family/Student Tour: We conduct our tours during school hours because we think it’s the best way to know if The Schoolhouse is the right place for you and your child. Some grown-ups prefer to come alone, others bring their children with them. Either is fine! You’ll know what’s best for you. Click here to see our current tour schedule.


This initial visit includes attending our morning circle to see how we start the day, a tour of our building and visits to the various programs and classrooms, including the preschool. You’ll get to see students and teachers in action, ask questions, and share information about you and your family.

Application: Applying to the elementary and middle school programs is a two-step process. After submitting all required forms and fees, students are asked to spend a half day to a full day visiting in the classroom they expect to enter. If that’s not possible, we’ll determine a time for the student to meet with the classroom teacher and, if appropriate, other members of the class.

To begin the application process for the elementary and middle school, you’ll need to submit the following: 

• Elementary/Middle School Application

• Non-refundable application fee. Submit a check or pay online via your application.

Two teacher reflections. Students applying to kindergarten should submit a reference from a preschool teacher and/or director (if applicable).

• Report cards from previous elementary or middle school(s). Submit a minimum of three years or all years attended if fewer than three. We will not request a transfer of school records until your child is admitted.

Families who are applying to the Middle School should also submit the following:

• A letter from your child (form provided here).

• A favorite piece of writing from your child, written in the last year or two (optional).

Once we receive the application, other forms, and the fee, we will schedule a visiting day.

Acceptance: Acceptance decisions are made on a rolling basis. Although acceptance is based on many factors, and there are no annual deadlines, an earlier date of application can be to your advantage. Once your child is accepted, you will need to submit the following:

• Elementary/Middle school enrollment contract.

• Non-refundable tuition deposit. Submit a check or pay online here.

Tuition adjustment application (optional).


Contracts and tuition deposits are due within 10 days of acceptance. Your child’s space will not be guaranteed after 10 days.


Enrollment: Once we have received your contract and deposit, we will notify you of your child’s enrollment. Financial aid applications may be submitted at any time, though it can be to your advantage to apply early.

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