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Beginnings. Transitions. Wisdom.

A Strong Foundation

Our elementary curriculum provides students with a foundation in language arts, mathematics, science and ecology (including our Farm Food Forest program), foreign culture and language exposure, political geography, cultural history, social and environmental justice, art, music, and physical education.

Alpha, Tau, Sophos

The elementary program serves children from kindergarten through 5th grade, with three multi-age classrooms: Alpha (for beginnings), Tau (for transitions), and Sophos (for wisdom). Teachers use a strengths-based approach to learning, helping students first identify what they do best, and then setting progressively more challenging goals, thereby helping each child have confidence in their work and achieve their highest potential.


Alpha Classroom

Alpha 1: Pre-K – Kindergarten

Alpha 2: 1st grade


Class size: 15-16 students

Teachers: 1 Lead Teacher, 1 Associate Teacher

The Alpha classroom is a busy place! Over the course of two years, our Alphas become readers and writers, explore math, music and science, and gain confidence in their new abilities. They learn the fundamentals of Planning Time and take pride in their research and very first Displays. Through multi-age interactions across the school, their sense of who they are and their place in the community expands.


Tau Classroom

Tau 1: 2nd grade

Tau 2: 3rd grade


Class size: 15-16 students

Teachers: 1 Lead Teacher, 1 Associate Teacher


In the Tau classroom, children continue to develop their planning and research skills. Their Planning Time skills stretch to include the entire day, and their work reflects deepening intellectual explorations and maturing social skills. As a bridge between the Alpha and Sophos classrooms, they have a clear view of their accomplishments and an eye on where they want to go. The Tau and Sophos classrooms also share a connecting door, and the two classrooms frequently share resources and time together.

Sophos Classroom

Sophos 1: 4th grade

Sophos 2: 5th grade


Class size: 15-16 students

Teachers: 1 Lead Teacher, 1 Associate Teacher

In the Sophos classroom, students continue gaining strength as independent learners. Where Taus plan their day, Sophos develop their long-term planning skills mapping out a schedule for the whole week. They refine their critical thinking skills as they work on expanded research and Display projects. They take on new leadership roles in the school, including writing the school play and teaching their own Short Courses – all while engaging in more complex social interactions. Their thinking and writing matures, they explore new aspects of science and mathematics, and they examine more nuanced and interconnected themes of social justice and environmentalism. All in all, they consolidate a strong base of skills that will serve them well in middle school and for years to come.

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