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One Size Doesn't Fit All


We know everyone has different financial responsibilities, and we want a Schoolhouse tuition to work
with your budget. Since not every family can afford full tuition, we offer flexible tuition to keep The Schoolhouse accessible, while still funding our exceptional programming. More than a quarter of Schoolhouse families have their tuition costs reduced each year. Economic diversity enriches our community, fosters inclusion, and is vital to the educational and social-emotional experience for both children and adults.


What is Flexible Tuition?

It's simple. Flexible tuition means offering a variable tuition rate based on your family's unique
picture. Once you've submitted your application for enrollment, you can apply for flexible tuition through Clarity, our confidential financial profile builder. Clarity gives us a dynamic and holistic way to take into account families' financial circumstances. In addition, Clarity is extremely user friendly – you’ll likely complete your whole application in less than 30 minutes and can even do it on your cell phone. If you have questions, Clarity also provides an Application Guide.


Preschool families are eligible for flexible tuition but must apply for State of Vermont Child Care Financial Assistance funds first. Afterschool families may also receive Act 166 funds and Child Care Financial Assistance.

Other Tuition Adjustments

Act 166: Caregivers of children who are 3 or 4 years old on September 1st are eligible for Act 166 funds to help with the cost of tuition. You should contact your local school district for more information and to apply. General information can be found here. The Schoolhouse does not provide an application for these funds and is not involved in the application process.

Child Care Financial Assistance: To learn about and apply for child care financial assistance through the State of Vermont, call the Child Development Division (CDD) (800) 649-2642 or (802) 241-3110 or click here. The Schoolhouse does not provide an application for these funds and is not involved in the application process.

Sibling Discount: The Schoolhouse offers a 10% discount for families with more than one child enrolled. Each enrolled sibling after the first enrolled child will receive the tuition discount. A sibling must be enrolled full time to receive the discount. If there is a difference in tuition between siblings, the discount will be taken from the lesser tuition.

Helpful Information When Applying for Flexible Tuition

  • Clarity is mobile and tablet friendly.

  • To get started, go to the Clarity application and create an account.

  • Clarity removes the need to upload your W2 and 1040 by transferring them directly from the IRS.

  • Clarity is certified for both GDPR and SOC2 and uses enterprise-level security standards including end-to-end encryption of all personally identifiable information. For more information, please refer to Clarity’s Privacy Policy.

  • You must submit your enrollment application before accessing Clarity.

  • You must apply for flexible tuition each year; however, Clarity retains your information from previous applications, so it's easy to reapply.

  • Just as in prior years, if your financial circumstances have not changed, you will not see significant changes to your adjusted tuition. If you have any questions about your individual circumstances, please reach out to us.

  • Families admitted on a rolling basis are eligible for flexible tution and will be able to create a Clarity profile when they are admitted.

  • You will be notified of your adjusted tuition before any enrollment contract deadline.

  • If you need help during the application process, there is in-app support available, or you can send questions to

  • There is a $60 fee when you complete your Clarity profile. You can share your application with any other schools that accept Clarity, at no extra charge. If the fee is prohibitive, please contact us for a waiver code.

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